Gevalia Advertorials

  • Client Gevalia Coffee / Date June 2014 / Category Print, Digital Print.
The Ask

Conde Nast and Gevalia partnered to create a program that inspires the daily coffee drinker to elevate their morning cup by transforming the act of coffee drinking into an art of the senses.

Gevalia tasked CNMG with helping it shift the perception of Gevalia from a brand consumers may have heard of, (but didn’t necessarily understand its identity) to a premium coffee brand with a strong history and high standards. Gevalia also wanted to tout its new availability in grocery stores, since it was once only available via direct mail.

The Overview

We created custom print advertorials featured in Bon Appétit (June, July, August editions) with corresponding interactive tablet executions leading the viewer to the Gevalia sponsored custom series on the Epicuriousity Channel.

Condé Nast created a rich program, anchored in video that inspired the daily coffee drinker to elevate his/her usual morning java experience into an art, honoring the senses. This multi-channel activation positioned Gevalia at the forefront of The Art of Coffee, helping the readers explore the extraordinary nuance and tradition surrounding a seemingly simple daily ritual through the lens of each participating Condé Nast brand. It took site visitors through its history and provided context for its distinction among other coffee brands.